As a child I made paper watches and bracelets: I have always made things, noticed details, doodled, painted. My subsequent direction in life stifled this for many years although I made small objects on weekends, and then later spent some time studying painting at Adelaide Central School of Art. I also studied Graphic Design.

I see beauty in the mundane, in the little details that surround us: the network of our day-to-day world.

There are times for researching and times for following some half-remembered detail – my work has more freedom from not being too tied to reality.

I am wary of polished perfection – I can appreciate it, but it is not me. I like a ‘perfect imperfection’ because for me there is more to the story, more character. A different way of seeing always resonates with me.

If I make a mistake in the process this might inspire a new direction, which is wonderful. Accidents should not be ignored. 

More than anything I enjoy the process of creating and making. It nourishes me and pushes me along – I am at home, totally immersed in the process when I make.

My art practice is an ongoing exploration of the possibilities in nature and observations of my everyday.

Found form began in February 2017.

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